The Body Firm Atlanta is the premiere choice for promoting healthy living both physically and mentally.  Our goal is to help our clients develop lifestyle changes; because fitness is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Lead Trainer, Dez, is certified by International Sports Sciences Association and well-equipped to offer a fitness program that gives you results. He is also a former athlete with the National Football League. With over 8 years experience in fitness and sports performance, his expertise provides an opportunity for everyone to achieve their fitness goals.



The Body Firm Atlanta offers group fitness training for those that are just beginning their wellness journey,  those who are advanced or anywhere in between.  Our goal is to push our clients to their own personal fitness potential and goals.  We do this by assessing your start fitness level and measuring your progress throughout the course of your sessions. This helps maximize the results you see from really embracing the program.   With The Body Firm you will enjoy workouts such as kickboxing aerobics, cycling, distance running, obstacle courses, just to name a few. Losing weight and inches while having fun doing it are a phone call away!!!!!!

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