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Kaveh (Gwinnett)

t was just a few months ago that I saw The Body Firm featured on I decided to give The Body Firm a try. Dez and The Body Firm have been the greatest assets to my journey to a healthy life. I have trying many different personal trainers and medical clinics to try to get back to my High School weight and get my Cholesterol back down to a healthy level. With the help of Dez White and The Body Firm I have been able to get back down to my teenage years’ weight and size and I’ve lost 50lbs so far. At the bootcamp sessions with The Body Firm there is a sense of family and friendship that I have yet to find anywhere else. Everyone is here to get in the best shape of their life, weather to lose weight, gain weight, keep from gaining weight or just toning up. Dez and The Body Firm gave me all the tools I needed to turn my life around and become the person I am today. As long as you do what The Body Firm tells you: Follow the nutritional guidelines and give one hundred percent at each workout, like Dez says, “Don’t Cheat Yourself”, the pounds will just fall off. I’m still attending the bootcamps everyday with Dez in the afternoons and working towards my goal for this summer.

Trainer Notes (Dez):

Kaveh has been a great person to have at our workout sessions.  Hard working and focused, yet still coming to have some fun.  This attitude and approach helped him lose almost 40 lbs in the first 3 months. That is the epitome of the environment we strive to have with The Body Firm.  No one should feel disconnected and if we fall short of our goals, we shrug it off, have a good laugh and refocus.  But most of all the bonds created in our program last a lifetime.  Thank YOU Kaveh for choosing The Body Firm.  I’m going to try and convince Kaveh to start a personal blog so others can see what an inspiration he is. All it takes is the decision to make that life change and set a solid goal.

Heck, Kaveh even showed me how to lose a few lbs.  Thanks for the Sardines!!!!


I joined The Body Firm because of an advertisement on Groupon. Not knowing how I would like the experience, I only purchased one Groupon for one 4 week session. However, I stayed for another three 4 week sessions. During my four months with The Body Firm, I went from weighing 133lb to 119lb. In addition, I enhanced my muscle definition as well as increased my cardiovascular fitness. I was able to see results on a weakly basis- weather it be change in weight or increased endurance when running or lifting weights. I would recommend the Body Firm to anyone no matter their size or fitness. The experience allows one to build and improve on where ever each person is in their physical fitness level. The sessions are challenging and constantly changing so there is no room for boredom. Dez is able to cater the workouts to fit each person’s interest and ability. In addition, one learns healthy eating habits that are sustainable. Ultimately, working out with The Body Firm has allowed me to reach my highest fitness level yet.

Trainer Notes (Dez):

Rebecca showed up what looked to be tiny to me at 133 lbs  and when I asked her what her goals were from the program she said she wanted to get down to her high school weight of 115lbs.  She then added that she HATES running.  My first thought was oh boy, this is going to be a tough one.  Little did I know, if hating something means what it meant for her running, she should hate a lot more things.  J/K but the point is the girl can run we all found out that she has excellent cardiovascular endurance.  Ultimately we still have 4 more lbs to go and we will keep climbing the ladder until we get there.  Rebecca has been a pleasure to work with and a great addition to The Body Firm family.

Sarah (Gwinnett)

I’ve been working out with Dez for a year and a half now and have seen great benefits.  I used to go to a gym and take classes which worked, but there was no one checking in on me when I didn’t show up and no one challenging me when I was not giving it my all.  The benefits of working with The Body Firm is accountability.  If miss a few classes you get a phone call or a text asking where you are!  Also, we all have those days where we slack off and don’t try as hard a we can, well Dez notices this and helps you get back on track.  Prior to working out with The Body Firm I was not a runner and hated running.  I have now ran a 5K straight through and actually really enjoyed it and I am signed up to run another one in a few months.  I have always been athletic, but now I feel that I am in good shape and I am happy with my physical appearance.  I plan on continuing to train with Dez as long as he is still training.”

Trainer Notes (Dez):

Sarah has been training with me for quite some time now,  (since mid 2009) to the point where she’s like a little sister.   The kind of little sister who will let you know if she doesn’t like what you’re doing in the workout or have planned and conversely what she does like.  As a trainer, feedback from the clients is always welcome as it keeps the trainer working to provide new and exciting ways to shock your muscle, or train the same muscles in different ways.  We don’t always agree, but Sarah has always been a valued member of The Body Firm family and we are grateful that she has been training with us for so long.

Eckhart (Gwinnett)

Working out with Dez has been great,  I showed up last fall and managed to take almost 3 minutes from my mile time in only 4 weeks.  Unfortunately, due to work, I could not return after my initial sessions until this Spring and low and behold I’ve lost almost 10 lbs in 4 weeks.  Dez is on me because I have missed a few days which were cardio fat burning days and could have gotten me over the 10 lb mark.  Yet another benefit of Working out with Dez because he will never let you settle in attendance or effort and keep pushing you to the next level.   I can’t wait to see what kind of results I will continue to see because this time I’m sticking around!!!!

Tara (Gwinnett)

I was hesitant to get into boot camp style workouts because I knew that there would be a lot of running.  However the variety of workouts with Dez has shown me that you don’t have to just go out and walk the same trail everyday, get bored and end up quitting your workout only to find it that much harder the next time to get started.  The variety of workouts has really kept things fresh and every day I finding out how many areas of my body have not been worked before.   In only two weeks (with a missed week in between)  I have lost 14 lbs.  Those are the kind of results that cant be argued with.

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