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Shana Thomas (Nickajack)

Hi! My name is Shana Thomas. As you can tell from my pictures, I have come a long way since my weight loss journey began in January 2010. In addition to leading a healthier lifestyle and morning cardio workouts. As of today I have lost a total of 26 pounds and 14 inches. My plan is to lose a total of 75 pounds by January 2011 and then set new goals from there.

Wendy Tarentino (Nickajack)

After having two kids, I found it really easy to justify not working out or eating properly. But that of course, got me nowhere, and I became frustrated with my physical and mental shape. One day a neighbor of mine and I decided to try out the free bootcamp at a local park. We loved it and decided to sign up for the class. I’ve been attending for almost a year now and can’t stop! To date, I’ve lost 20 pounds and several inches, I’m strong and in great physical shape! And with my busy lifestyle as a stay-at-home mom, I’ve finally found a way to take care of myself! As one of the volunteer assistants in the 5:45am class, I get excited when other students start seeing the same results!

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