Q. Do I have to be in shape already?

A. No, the program is designed for all fitness levels, ages 18 and up and 16-18 with parental consent.  Saturday Classes are free to all ages.

Q. What do I need?

A. Nothing is required though you may decide to bring (2) 5-10 lbs arm weights and a Yoga Mat.  Water and a Towel are good to have with you as well.  If you have respiratory issues such as asthma and are prescribed an inhaler it is required that you keep it with you.  Also if you have major medical conditions or are on serious medicine, you may require an approval letter from your doctor.

Comfortable running shoes would be a great idea as well.

Q.  How long is it?

A. FOREVER!!!!!   MUHAHAHAHAHAH……Just Kidding, though we do hope you continue to develop your lifestyle change with our program, each session last 4 weeks with the option to buy several at once or pay on a yearly rate.

Sessions last from 45- 90 minutes depending on the time of the class (only Saturdays last for 90 minutes.

Q.  What types of activities will we be doing.

A. Running, Jumping, Cycling, Lifting, Pulling, Pushing, Raising,  Playing, Kicking, Punching and anything else that can be used to effectively get you in shape.  Don’t worry, if you have a pre-existing injury there are always modifications to the exercises if you don’t think you can do them.

Q.  What do I get to eat?

A. Eating is a fundamental part of any fitness program, therefore we will teach you what to eat, what to cut back on, and what to cut out!!!!  Meal plans will be available to help you make the most of your time with The Body Firm.

Q.  How much weight will I lose???

A. Weight is always the tricky issue, there is no telling how much weight you can or will lose, that is up to your discipline level of showing up to class every day, eating the right things, and getting proper amounts of rest.  This is a lifestyle change, not liposuction, but the possibilities are endless.  Some people have lost 10 lbs a month in the first 2 months of our program

The sure thing is that your current clothes will start becoming bigger, you energy will be much higher and if you focus on getting yourself in shape, the rest will come.

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