Kaveh (Gwinnett)

t was just a few months ago that I saw The Body Firm featured on Groupon.com. I decided to give The Body Firm a try. Dez and The Body Firm have been the greatest assets to my journey to a healthy life. I have trying many different personal trainers and medical clinics to try to get back to my High School weight and get my Cholesterol back down to a healthy level. With the help of Dez White and The Body Firm I have been able to get back down to my teenage years’ weight and size and I’ve lost 50lbs so far. At the bootcamp sessions with The Body Firm there is a sense of family and friendship that I have yet to find anywhere else. Everyone is here to get in the best shape of their life, weather to lose weight, gain weight, keep from gaining weight or just toning up. Dez and The Body Firm gave me all the tools I needed to turn my life around and become the person I am today. As long as you do what The Body Firm tells you: Follow the nutritional guidelines and give one hundred percent at each workout, like Dez says, “Don’t Cheat Yourself”, the pounds will just fall off. I’m still attending the bootcamps everyday with Dez in the afternoons and working towards my goal for this summer.

Trainer Notes (Dez):

Kaveh has been a great person to have at our workout sessions.  Hard working and focused, yet still coming to have some fun.  This attitude and approach helped him lose almost 40 lbs in the first 3 months. That is the epitome of the environment we strive to have with The Body Firm.  No one should feel disconnected and if we fall short of our goals, we shrug it off, have a good laugh and refocus.  But most of all the bonds created in our program last a lifetime.  Thank YOU Kaveh for choosing The Body Firm.  I’m going to try and convince Kaveh to start a personal blog so others can see what an inspiration he is. All it takes is the decision to make that life change and set a solid goal.

Heck, Kaveh even showed me how to lose a few lbs.  Thanks for the Sardines!!!!


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Feb 14, 2011
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Hey Quaveh (LOL) I can’t believe this USED to be YOU!!! You just might make it to Dez’s size!!!

After seeing your before and after, sweetie the sky is the limit for you!!!!

Now, if only I could run a mile in under 13mins:) yeah right…..


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Feb 16, 2011
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As Dez said, you have truly been an inspiration to many of us. In the beginning, I watched you attend both the morning and evening session and now you’re pushing through both of the evening sessions. You have remained focus and determined which are some of the key things to being successful at losing weight and living healthier lives. Keep up the good work and continue being that inspiration. You never know whose life you are impacting – Great JOB! Kaveh – you look AWESOME! Even though I’m still shocked that I have a daughter your age….which means I’m old enough to be your MOTHER…LOL

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