I joined The Body Firm because of an advertisement on Groupon. Not knowing how I would like the experience, I only purchased one Groupon for one 4 week session. However, I stayed for another three 4 week sessions. During my four months with The Body Firm, I went from weighing 133lb to 119lb. In addition, I enhanced my muscle definition as well as increased my cardiovascular fitness. I was able to see results on a weakly basis- weather it be change in weight or increased endurance when running or lifting weights. I would recommend the Body Firm to anyone no matter their size or fitness. The experience allows one to build and improve on where ever each person is in their physical fitness level. The sessions are challenging and constantly changing so there is no room for boredom. Dez is able to cater the workouts to fit each person’s interest and ability. In addition, one learns healthy eating habits that are sustainable. Ultimately, working out with The Body Firm has allowed me to reach my highest fitness level yet.

Trainer Notes (Dez):

Rebecca showed up what looked to be tiny to me at 133 lbs  and when I asked her what her goals were from the program she said she wanted to get down to her high school weight of 115lbs.  She then added that she HATES running.  My first thought was oh boy, this is going to be a tough one.  Little did I know, if hating something means what it meant for her running, she should hate a lot more things.  J/K but the point is the girl can run we all found out that she has excellent cardiovascular endurance.  Ultimately we still have 4 more lbs to go and we will keep climbing the ladder until we get there.  Rebecca has been a pleasure to work with and a great addition to The Body Firm family.


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Feb 08, 2011
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Nancie Fertig

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