Sarah (Gwinnett)

I’ve been working out with Dez for a year and a half now and have seen great benefits.  I used to go to a gym and take classes which worked, but there was no one checking in on me when I didn’t show up and no one challenging me when I was not giving it my all.  The benefits of working with The Body Firm is accountability.  If miss a few classes you get a phone call or a text asking where you are!  Also, we all have those days where we slack off and don’t try as hard a we can, well Dez notices this and helps you get back on track.  Prior to working out with The Body Firm I was not a runner and hated running.  I have now ran a 5K straight through and actually really enjoyed it and I am signed up to run another one in a few months.  I have always been athletic, but now I feel that I am in good shape and I am happy with my physical appearance.  I plan on continuing to train with Dez as long as he is still training.”

Trainer Notes (Dez):

Sarah has been training with me for quite some time now,  (since mid 2009) to the point where she’s like a little sister.   The kind of little sister who will let you know if she doesn’t like what you’re doing in the workout or have planned and conversely what she does like.  As a trainer, feedback from the clients is always welcome as it keeps the trainer working to provide new and exciting ways to shock your muscle, or train the same muscles in different ways.  We don’t always agree, but Sarah has always been a valued member of The Body Firm family and we are grateful that she has been training with us for so long.

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